Amethyst is a purple colored quartz. The name comes from a Greek word meaning “not drunken”!! The quartz family (silicates) comes in many colors – clear, white, smoky, purple, pink (rose), yellow, blue, and green. The purple color in amethyst is caused by trace amounts of ferric iron. It is one of the most popular gemstones in history. It is found in many locations, a few of which are Africa, Brazil, Uruguay, the United States, and Madagascar. It comes in several different forms – the clean faceting quality, massive amethyst quartz, and crystal clusters.

Amethyst varies in color from very pale to deep purple, some even having a pinkish tone. It has been valued for thousands of years for its legendary energy qualities and beauty. The Greeks believed that it would prevent intoxication, relieve frustrated passion, and calm anger. Amethyst is viewed today as a stone of purification and protection. It is thought to aid in overcoming bad habits and curbing overindulgences. It stimulates the crown chakra and is beneficial in meditation. There are many other attributes as well – it has been thought to help cure hangovers!!

We have a number of different forms of amethyst here in our store. It is available in the cathedral form (geodes) for interior decoration. Smaller pieces are available in faceted and cabochon form to wear in jewelry. We carry massive chevron chunks, small crystals, crystal plates in different sizes. We carry beads, pendalums, necklace centerpieces, and tumbled pieces