Dinosaur Bone and Gem Bone

Discover the great collection of dinosaur bone and gem bone that this rock shop carries. The rare museum quality specimen of gem grade dinosaur bone shown above and in the heading is a completely natural combination of colors, beautifully polished.

This Colorado rock shop has specialized in gem bone and dinosaur bone for many years.  J. B.  started the love affair for gem bone and top grade dinosaur bone. Larry, Sharon,  and Shane have kept this love going.  Getting a fabulous polish on dinosaur bone is a trick that Larry and Shane are very good at. Whether you are tumble polishing dinosaur bone, spot polishing just an end, or polishing the gem bone cabachons, Larry and Shane are great advisors.  The dinosaur bone that we list on the shopping cart area of the web-site is local to the Colorado/Four Corners area.

Dinosaur bone and gem bone, gem grade dinosaur bone comes in many different colors, coming from the mineralization in the area where the dinosaur bone petrified.  We carry dinosaur bone that is  red, blue, grey, yellow, tan, black and white, and the rare lavender and green.  San Juan Gems Rock Shop  has a large assortment of dinosaur bone slabs, we carry rough dinosaur bone, and of course, dinosaur bone cabachons and jewelry.

Dinosaur Bone and Gem Bone Store

SOLD!! Beautiful, collectible one of a kind pieces of high grade dinosaur bone. We have stones beautifully cut and polished cabochons selected from our large stock of gem grade dinosaur bone slabs. There are cabs available for about any project that you have in mind, or we can custom set them for you (additional charge).

We have an extensive inventory of gem dino bone, rough, cabs, slabs, specimens and jewelry.

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